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Stone Treatment



What is it and how does it work?


Stone therapy combines massage with the application of hot (or cold) stones which are massaged over the body as well as placed upon specific areas for ultimate relaxation, healing tense muscles along with reducing overall stress.


The application of heat to the body causes vasodilation. This means that the blood vessels in the body expand and dilate. As a result, sweating and circulation both increase and the metabolism quickens. Ultimately the muscle tissues relax and provide a natural sedative and calming effect on the body. With cold stone therapy, vasoconstriction occurs. The constriction stimulates the nervous system and draws blood and waste away from the blood vessels while decreasing swelling.

Hot Stone Massages are in high demand, particularly in South Eastern Manitoba. In the last 10 years, Hot Stone Therapy has gained popularity as both a physical and spiritual healing treatment.


  • reduces back/shoulder/neck pain

  • improves lymphatic circulation

  • increases circulation

  • decreases menstrual pain

  • decreases joint pain

  • decreases tension headaches

  • decreases sciatic pain

  • promotes increased well-being and vitality

  • reduces overall stress


This therapy can be used on its own or in conjunction with Hot Stone Therapy. Cold Stone Therapy can be used to help treat the following conditions:

  • local swelling, inflammation or redness

  • acute injuries

  • tension headaches

  • sinus congestion

  • tone and stimulate the body

Basalt stones are formed as lava cools following a volcanic eruption. All of the earth's elements participate in the continuous formation of basalt stones. Over time, erosion carries the stones out to sea. It is the constant movement of water over the stones that results in their naturally smooth texture and unique shape. Basalt stones are the ideal choice for Hot Stone Therapy because of their smoothness and inherent ability to retain heat.

Black basalt stones are most commonly used, although colours may vary there are white basalt stones which are excellent for use in Cold Stone Therapy. They can be easily chilled in water and, like black basalt stones, they are naturally smooth.

*Information about hot stone therapy and basalt stones was received directly from THE STONE MASSAGE COMPANY


Pre-natal massage is considered one of the most relaxing therapies a woman can include in her pregnancy routine. This type of massage MUST performed by a trained therapist with certification in the field of pregnancy massage.

Hot stone massage therapy on a pregnant woman can pose a risk as placing them on certain spots on a pregnant woman’s body could result in a miscarriage or preterm labor (second/third trimester). The treatment could potentially be used during the early stages of the pregnancy when the woman will be able to lie on her stomach without causing any harm to the unborn child. However, the variables of the risk of a miscarriage run high in the first trimester.

In the advanced stages of the pregnancy, hot stone massage will not be possible as the woman will not be able to lie on her stomach or her back for an extended period of time. There are health complications that are associated with lying on the back or on the belly in the advanced stages like the disruption of the flow of blood to the baby. It may also lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure that may put the life of the mother and the baby at risk, therefore it is best to err on the side of caution and not perform hot stone massages for any woman, particularly in her 2nd and/or 3rd trimester.

*Information about hot stone therapy and pregnancy was received directly from ​Therapeutix Wellness Center & Baby Med.

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