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My name is Abbey Bradley, and I am a licensed professional in the ancient art of Body Sugaring as well as a certified Hot Stone Practitioner. I was born and raised right here in Steinbach, decided to moved to Saskatchewan in 2015 to pursue college where received a bachelors degree and met my future husband all within those few years. My husband and I relocated to Steinbach in 2020 to pursue new and exciting ventures; him in the trades and myself in the spa industry.

My Story

I chose the name Peachy Keen for several reasons. The first being the fact that it's an age-old southern phrase meaning "excellent" perhaps "wonderful" or "the best." I hope to provide services to my clients that they will describe as excellent or the best.


Originating from the United States in the 1950's (I believe it derives from the southern States) describing someone as a "peach" was a personal and affectionate way of calling someone a fruit, which is to say they're sweet, delicious and/or highly desired. Not only do I personally refer to people as "peaches" but people have often referred to me as a peach,  usually as a term of endearment to those around me.


Peaches are fruit and fruit is sweet; just like sugar! I use a specially formulated sugar paste to remove unwanted hair from the body. This paste consists of water, sugar and lemon. Many people think the art of sugaring was only established in the recent decades. What they don't know is that sugaring actually originated in ancient Egypt. Alexander the Great was known for his war conquests, what people don't know is that he was also the one who began a tradition to charge into battle clean shaven and hairless. He also preferred his women to be hairless too. The women of Alexandria were influenced by the great warrior and so being hairless became the standard of beauty.

My passion for body sugaring began when I was a mere teen. I was told by a friend of mine that I should at least try it out. She knew I viewed myself as a woolly mammoth and I was often embarrassed of the hair I had on my body (even though it is common and very normal), and so she suggested I go to a place and start getting sugared. I took her advice and I'm so glad I did! I got sugared on a regular schedule until I moved out of the province to pursue post-secondary education. When I left Manitoba, I started making my own sugar (not very well) and worked hard at trying to sugar myself. It took a while for me to kind of get the hang of it. Even though I wasn't great at the technique I loved being able to transform my skin from scruffy to smooth.

When my husband and I relocated to Steinbach, I was in search of a job. I responded to an employment ad from a local business here in Steinbach and applied for a body sugarist position. I was hired almost immediately but was required to take my courses to officially get certified before I could begin my new job. Once I had finished the course I was able to take my "hands-on" training from a long-time sugarist. She helped me perfect my technique, and gave me much advice on how to be the best sugarist I could be. She has become a dear friend and continues to help me (and many others) continue down a path of professionalism and provides us with much knowledge in the body sugaring business. I am always striving to learn more about my trade and to become better at what I do, not for me, but for my valued clients. I hope to always provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for all.

My time there ended. However, this has become a new beginning for me as I work to build up my own business; this also includes my training to become a Hot Stone Practitioner. Many people in my life, namely my husband, clients, friends and family inspired me to dream and to dream big. I am now doing what I can to pursue those dreams and I'm working hard to make them a reality.

My most recent endeavor has been Hot Stone Massage Therapy. I completed my course through The Stone Massage Company (located in Ontario) in March of 2022 and am officially certified! I specialize in providing ultimate relaxation massages to those who need to relieve tension and release stress. I take pride in offering a service that reduces pain along with being able to accommodate to the unique needs of each individual client. 

My deepest and most sincere gratitude to those who have helped me achieve my goals and for everyone who have stayed by my side and showed their support and loyalty, I couldn't have done it without you.

Abbey Bradley

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