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View the list of products sold by Peachy Keen Professional. All products can be purchased at their location in Steinbach, MB.

Sacred Product Display (1).png

Sacred Oil

This oil was specifically created as a sugaring aftercare product. It reduces inflammation, hydrates, lightens and tones skin. Additionally it will soothe irritated follicles and will help prevent (and/or heal) ingrown hairs. All without clogging your pores. 


Reverence Product Display.png

Reverence Serum

Our Reverence Serum has been formulated to hydrate your skin using natural products. It will also help even out your skin ton, replenish cell moisture (speed up wound healing), strengthen the protection barrier of the skin along with relieving any itchiness (including scalp).


EXF. Soap Bar Product Display.png

SugarSMAC Soap Bar

Perfect for post-sugaring exfoliation. This hand-made soap bar is loaded with ground loofah to exfoliate away dry, loose skin cells.  This bar will also leave your skin moisturized, without stripping away your natural oils the way most commercial soaps do.

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Exfoliation Kit

Start your exfoliation journey right, with this unique kit. With hand-picked items designed to help your the pre & post sugared skin. The kit includes: sisal soap sleeve, silicone exfoliator, white jade gua sha board, loofah exfoliation pads and a bottle of the PK Sacred Oil.

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Sugar-You-Sugar Kit

Save time and try your hand of sugaring in the comfort of your own home, using luxury products offered in this kit! Includes: 8oz sugar jar, 10 application sticks & 15 resuable muslin strips.

Foam Soap Product Display.png

Foaming Hand Soaps

Luxurious foaming hand soaps, made locally and infused with essential oils and vitamin E to keep your skin fresh, clean and hydrated.


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